Carbon Measurement Needs to be a currency

A recent wired article demonstrates the wide range of estimates stems from what some climate experts view as a growing problem, with Google at the center. More people are trying to factor climate change impacts into life choices such as where to vacation or what to eat. Yet scientists are still debating how to accurately estimate the impacts of many activities, including flying or producing meat. While the math gets sorted out, some industries decry emissions estimates as unfair.

Google has led the way among big tech companies in trying to inform users about their potential carbon footprint when traveling, heating their homes and, as of recently, making dinner. But airlines, cattle ranchers, and other industry groups are pushing back, saying Google’s nudges could hurt their sales. They have demanded—successfully, in the case of airlines—that the search giant rethink how it calculates and presents emissions data. Read the whole article here.

Working with the NZCE measurement group the other day was so interesting and shows we all need to start agreeing on a common ‘currency’ for measuring carbon output. Thank you @rachaelriggs, for sharing the wired article with us with us