Are products still physical?

Aside from the pseudo title of this article, the release of two pieces of software this week really brings this question to light. On Monday, just a few hours before Google’s much-anticipated Google I/O keynote, OpenAI jumped the gun and released their most powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence) model yet, GPT-4o or GPT-4 omni, and well, check it out…


During the three-hour Google keynote that followed, they unveiled a series of new models, including their progress in creating the all-important AGI, or Artificial General Intelligence. You can find out more by clicking here.

But with the release of these new products and the associated increase in corporate and stock investment into the parent companies, do we now live in a world where the shiny new aluminium iPhone is over? Are we destined to wait with bated breath every 12 months for what could just be seen as a software update?

The recent AI advancements unveiled by OpenAI and Google make it clear that AI is here to stay and has a strong foothold in the future of productivity in our workflows. For corporate event planners, embedding new workflows for team training, customer support, and content refinement has just become even more essential. By leveraging AI for personalised training, planners can and should ensure their teams stay on the cutting edge of industry knowledge. Delivering more consistent, round-the-clock customer support will fundamentally enhance client satisfaction. Moreover, viewing these products as content creation streamliners, and navigating this shift towards non-physical products, shows that embracing AI is no longer just a futuristic option but a productivity necessity for staying competitive and efficient in the evolving landscape of corporate event planning.

Find out more about both products at the links below.

Google Gemeni