ICE Leadership Dinners

Following an ICE/DRPG Leadership Dinner below is summary of the outputs. ICE are planning a series of Leadership Dinners in the autumn. If you would like to attend (corporate planners only) then register your interest here)

One of the biggest challenges facing event planners is the need to balance reduced budgets with rising costs, including labor shortages and increased costs for raw materials and energy. However, there are also opportunities to use new technologies like AR/VR, social media, and mobile technology to create more engaging and sustainable events.

Attendees are also changing their expectations, with a desire for more purposeful human-to-human interactions and greater flexibility in attending events. Meanwhile, the rise of hybrid events is allowing for greater accessibility and sustainability, while also creating new challenges in terms of budgeting and production.

Looking to the future, AI is emerging as a potentially powerful tool for event planners, allowing them to automate administrative tasks and create more engaging content. However, there are also challenges around data privacy and compliance, as well as the need to measure ROI and ROE in a meaningful way.

Ultimately, the key to success in the events industry will be the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and embrace new technologies and trends, while also keeping a focus on the core purpose of live events: bringing people together to learn, connect, and grow.