Sustainability Rider

ICE is delighted to announce we are working with the lovely Stefan Lohmann and his team to use their Sustainability Rider for all our events. It’s so simple, and really everyone should be using it.

The initiative’s goal is to become more climate-neutral and sustainable step by step with the entire industry. The 16 steps are published quarterly. In this way, the event industry should achieve a minimum standard for climate-neutral sustainable events by 2025.

The partners involved agreed that the event industry must make its contribution to a climate-neutral overall economy that is in line with Germany’s Federal Government’s Climate Protection Act.

It is no longer a question of whether the climate is changing. The focus is on ensuring that the changes in the next few years remain tolerable and that the event industry can adapt accordingly. 

The individual steps are based on the Sustainability Rider incl. checklist by Stefan Lohmann. The Rider has been reviewed by ISO and EMAS experts and has already been reviewed and published several times in national and international trade magazines. Free download: