Leading creative communication agency DRPG has marked the month of Earth Day with a series of eco-friendly initiatives, highlighting the proactive efforts of its Stage & Scenic team specifically in championing sustainability and community engagement.

 Throughout April the team have volunteered their time to spruce up the local Open Trail in Worcestershire as well as giving an affordable food club in Birmingham a shopfront makeover. 

Playing a pivotal role in delivering live events that captivate audiences worldwide, the DRPG Stage & Scenic team are responsible for creating physical event collateral for corporate clients at exhibitions, brand events and conference staging.

It starts at home

The Stage & Scenic team started off with an organised “Lunch and Learn” event, inviting DRPG team members to craft their own planters. Utilising offcuts and scrap materials from live events and exhibitions, the team showcased their commitment to repurposing and innovative sustainability tactics in an industry with a reputation for waste. The hands-on activity was led by two apprentices from the team who sent participants away with wildflower and sunflower seeds to plant in their planters, encouraging biodiversity.

Burlish Bike Park  

Demonstrating ongoing commitment to the community, the team visited Burlish Bike Park/Open Trail in Worcestershire. They contributed to the park’s maintenance by installing an accessible ‘kissing gate’, moving 17 tonnes of gravel to maintain paths, marking dedicated parking spaces, and enhancing the Family Trail’s accessibility.

Hannah Escott, CEO of Open Trail, praised the team’s efforts, stating, “I am still astounded at how hard everyone worked and how much they all managed to achieve in a day. The team came with such a positive attitude, really great team spirit, and my goodness didn’t they all graft!”

Enhancing Lil’s Parlour CIC  

DRPG extended its support to Lil’s Parlour CIC, a community food larder in Northfield, by rejuvenating the front of their building and installing a community noticeboard. Lucy Scott, the founding director, expressed her gratitude for the transformation, emphasising the importance of a welcoming space for those in need.

Lucy Scott, the founding director of Lil’s Parlour CIC, expressed her gratitude for DRPG‘s contributions, stating, “I’ve dreamed of having a notice board for so long. We were having to stick up posters which got stolen or blown down. It’s going to be great. I’m so thrilled with our new sign; it looks really smart. I was always embarrassed at the state of the old one. It didn’t give a great first impression, especially because we want to offer people a place of dignity – rotting wood didn’t really give that message. We would never have been able to afford this work ourselves, and I am so grateful to the team who came to do it. Turning up to work this morning, I finally felt proud of the space we provide.”

Dale Parmenter, CEO at DRPG, commented, “At DRPG, it’s all about teamwork when it comes to sustainability. Each team member brings their own ideas and passion to the table, measured by personal objectives set up for how they can contribute to the wider goals at the beginning of each year. It’s a group effort, not something that can be dictated from the top down. We’re all in this together!” 

These initiatives signify just the beginning of the Stage & Scenic team’s 2024 sustainability endeavours. DRPG remains steadfast in its commitment to driving positive change and contributing to a greener future. In alignment with these eco-friendly initiatives, DRPG’s Stage & Scenic team is supported by a recent £1.3 million investment into the technical, exhibition, and scenic division of the group, enhancing their capability to innovate sustainable solutions and provide outstanding experiences for clients and communities alike.

Visit the DRPG website to learn more about them and find out more about the work they do.