Meet SAM, the sustainability measurement app the events industry has been waiting for! The app measures both the event carbon footprint and delegates them measure their own journeys. So your event will have a total carbon score.

The pledge was championed and signed live in Glasgow by ICE’s very own Founder & CEO Anita Howard, amongst other industry leaders. It marked a seismic turning point between – 

  • Where the events industry was – well-intentioned but lacking tools and know-how

and – 

  • Where it wants and needs to be – able to measure event sustainability meaningfully

The events industry as a whole is long since aware there’s serious work to be done around event elements like accommodation, food, travel, energy and comms. SAM removes the question marks you’ve previously side-stepped around and provides you with long-awaited means to – 

  • Generate data to monitor and compare your year-on-year sustainability results
  • Leverage analytics that enables you to demonstrate how your event results align with broader business objectives
  • Use results to inform and dictate future events for even greater success

BETA testing of SAM is now available to event professionals for use at events of all sizes, for free. Its introduction measurement means sustainability is no longer limited to larger events. And, even better still, it no longer has a price tag attached.

Anita urges all ICE members to take a closer look at SAM if you haven’t already done so. She said, “Our research consistently tells us that measurement is the key to everything for corporates, and that is exactly what this tool is designed to do. Accurately and credibly. SAM is in Beta mode until April 2023 so please use and feedback improvement.”

It’s what you’ve asked for and waited for. The wait is over. And we’re excited to hear about your experiences of using SAM for the first time