Recognising and harnessing your leadership voice

It was great to have Russell Soden from Russell Soden Consulting sharing a snapshot of the 5 Voices at ICE23. If you’re curious about your own 5 Voices profile, we encourage you to take the free online assessment available at

Additionally, why not invite your team members to take the assessment as well? This will provide valuable insights into your team dynamic. You can then utilise the following tools to enhance your team’s understanding and create an environment where each Voice can thrive:

  1. 5 Voices Dynamic – Visualise your team’s profiles.
  2. Rules of Engagement for Each Voice – Learn how to effectively engage with each Voice.
  3. Decision-Making Filters – Gain insight into the perspectives of each Voice in the decision-making process.

If you’re interested in further integrating the 5 Voices framework into your team, Russell is available to discuss the various options and strategies. Feel free to reach out to him directly to explore the possibilities.

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