Tobacco Dock has entered the next generation of WiFi

Tobacco Dock has entered the next generation of WiFi

We’ve long celebrated the unique juxtaposition of history and cutting-edge tech that Tobacco Dock offers. Never ones to let the grass grow under our feet, we’re always looking for ways in which we can push our offering further and deliver more to our clients. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that our industry-leading service partners, Max WiFi, have completed a major upgrade at Tobacco Dock elevating our venue to the next generation of WiFi: WiFi 6. 

This major investment is aimed at providing event organisers and attendees with an enhanced and even more reliable internet experience at the venue.

With WiFi 6, event attendees can expect faster, more efficient connectivity with an even higher capacity for concurrent users. This will allow users to seamlessly stream content, participate in virtual meetings, use data-heavy cloud services, and enjoy other online activities during events. 

Over 100 new Aruba WiFi 6 access points have been installed, delivering a more productive and enjoyable experience for everyone, from attendees to exhibitors and speakers. It even results in reduced battery consumption for mobile devices!

With this new technology, Tobacco Dock is now better equipped than ever to handle the ever-increasing demand for fast, secure, high capacity and reliable internet connectivity.

Coupled with our 10Gb fibre optic primary connection, the upgraded WiFi network will enhance the overall event experience and further solidify Tobacco Dock’s position as a leading events venue in the industry.